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Local Rental Market remains tight in Great Falls

The Great Falls Rental home and apartment market continues to be tight. Even as we roll into winter, when many homeowners begin to list their unsold homes for sale, there are very few homes available for rent.

With the local economy picking up steam and many buyers still unable or unwilling to purchase, there are a shortage of mid range rentals available. As more people move to the Great Falls area, this is something that probably won’t change much in the future.

This is good news for investors. Those that are able to purchase Income Property are happy to see that they will not have too much difficulty in obtaining and holding onto good tenants.

Property managers like Maas Property Management are continuing to add properties under management and they are able to find good tenants fairly quickly for them.

If you are a Renter looking for a good place to call home for awhile, keep watching this website. We will continue to add property managers as well as individual owners so that you can easily find a property to rent.

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